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DAZ-POSER RawArt Selection
DAZ-POSER RawArt Selection | 2.33 GB

3docean - HDR 085 Road sIBL

3docean - HDR 085 Road sIBL
JPG Image, High Dynamic Range HDR | 14336x7168 px | Tileable | 298 Mb


3D Models: Furniture Walter Knoll
max | 3D models | 34.5 MB

Dexsoft-games: Industrial 4 Model Pack
Dexsoft-games – Industrial 4. Model Pack | 538 MB

This pack contains 69 models (including all LOD stages), 31 unique models. The pack is a remake of our old industrial 4 pack. To gain better and consistent quality of meshes and textures we created them from scratch. The new pack provides more models, is more optimized, more consistent and uses less materials. The new pack also contains many parts to be used as a construction kit to create more variations of buildings and facilities.


Daz3D Poser RDNA Bundle
Daz3D Poser RDNA Bundle | 2.0 GB


Office Space Collection
max | 3D scenes | 2.16 GB

There are 79 models about Office Space.


Ceiling Lamp Collection
max | 3D models | 270 MB

There are 14 models about Ceiling Lamp.


Bathroom - Interior Scene
max | 3D scenes | 48 MB

There are 3 Scenes.


Mr Necturus - Two Weapons and Wizard Spells
max | 3D models | 46 MB

Includes both animation collections. The models are in max format, and the animations are in bip.

Daz-Poser: STONEMASON Collection Models
Daz-Poser: Collection STONEMASON Models | 9.4 GB

3D 20 Scenes of High Interiors (Warehouse) 3dsMax VRay

3D 20 Scenes of High Interiors (Warehouse) 3dsMax VRay

max | ies | 3D Models | 3.01 GB

SpeedTree Cinema 7 Library

SpeedTree Cinema 7 Library | 3.65GB

The Pixel Lab Events & Exhibitions Pack

The Pixel Lab Events & Exhibitions Pack | 267MB

I’m excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Events & Exhibition Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with Simon Spencer-Harvey and Remco van der Meer. We’ve created over 50 elements including 8 full 3D environments that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects. This pack is extremely versatile with elements for concerts, events, conferences and exhibitions.

CGAXIS Plant collection vol 1 ARTLANTIS 4

CGAXIS Plant collection vol 1 ARTLANTIS 4 | 1.04GB

CGAXIS Plant collection vol 1 models in FBX, ATL and AOF format

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